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100 Billion

Prebiotics Makgeolli

100 Billion Prebiotics Makgeolli is a premium Makgeolli from Kooksoondang Brewery. This gluten-free Makgeolli is their finest rice wine and comes packed with prebiotics which helps promote a healthy microbiome and strengthen the immune system. Both a delicious and healthy choice.

Kooksoondang 100 Billion Makgeolli comes in two flavours: Original & Strawberry.

100 Billion Makgeolli

100 Billion Makgeolli

SKU:  BC,QC 412458
AB,SK,MB,NS 847738
ABV&CONFIG.: 5% alc./vol. 750ml
(12 Bottles/Case)

100 Billion Makgeolli Strawberry

SKU:  BC,QC 330642
AB,SK,MB,NS 893444
ABV&CONFIG.: 4% alc./vol. 750ml
(12 Bottles/Case)