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100 Billion

Prebiotics Makgeolli

100 Billion Prebiotics Makgeolli is the premium offering from Kooksoondang Brewery. This Makgeolli is a unique beverage in that it contributes to a healthy gut biome. Prebiotics are compounds in food that induce growth of beneficial lactic acid bacteria and reduce activity of bad bacteria by supporting the health supporting organisms.
The heat-treated lactobacillus and fructooligo sugar in this bottle helps to strengthen immunity by developing good lactobacillus in the body and inhibiting bad harmful bacteria.

100 Billion Makgeolli

100 Billion Makgeolli

SKU:  BC,QC 412458
AB,SK,MB,NS 847738
ABV&CONFIG.: 5% alc./vol. 750ml
(12 Bottles/Case)