D a e J a n g B u


Dae Jang Bu is a distinctly premium soju, distilled from 100% premium Korean rice milled at 24%. It is made by craftsmen to achieve the full bodied intensity with the mildest taste. This premium soju shows an extremely smooth and dry palate with delightful flavours and classic aromas.

Dae Jang Bu 25

Dae Jang Bu 25

SKU:  BC,QC 30489
AB,SK,MB,NS 791667
SK 24675
ABV&CONFIG.: 25% alc./vol. 375ml
(6 Bottles/Case)

Dae Jang Bu

SKU:  BC,QC 30492
AB,SK,MB,NS 791666
ABV&CONFIG.: 21% alc./vol. 360ml
(20 Bottles/Case)