S a e r o S o j u


A special new Korean Soju from Chum Churum – SAERO is the first zero-sugar Soju that does not use any fructose. This style of Soju is also different because a distilled concentrated Soju was added to provide more depth of flavour. In addition, SAERO is 0.5% ABV lower than the Original Soju(16.5%), resulting in an even smoother drinking experience.

The packaging design of SAERO is inspired by the beauty & curvature of traditional Korean ceramics. In addition, SAERO uses a transparent bottle (not a green bottle as in almost all existing soju) to highlight a uniquely clean and fresh image.

chum churum saero soju

Chum Churum Saero Soju

SKU:  BC 330338, AB 889140
ABV&CONFIG.: 16% alc./vol. 360ml
(20 Bottles/Case)