B a g l i o O r o


Marsala – Siciliaz

Baglio Oro is located in Marsala, a beautiful town located in Sicily’ western coast. The philosophy of Baglio Oro is to focus on monovarietal wines of native Sicilian varieties, such as Frappato and Grillo, which truly define the island’s oenological heritage.

Generations of Sicilian Winemaking

The winery was founded by the tenacity of “Don Pino” man of old traditions, who passed onto his son Francesco and son-in-law Michele, the love for his land and for wine making.

In 2008, Michele Cottone and Francesco Laudicina revived the “old cellar” into a modern winery where technology and tradition have captured the energy and warmth of this terroir.
The winery is surrounded by 100 hectars of vineyards which have always been a part of the family.

A careful viticulture is carried out in the our vineyards. Skilled hands continue to work the land with ancient tasks passed down to them by their ancestors. A perfect balance between tradition and innovation.


A classic expression of one of Sicily's top Indigenous grape varieties. Extremely fresh and bright, the acid driven palate is full of citrus and tree fruits leading into a very salty refreshing finish

Dei Respiri Grillo

Approachable style of Sicily's top white Variety. The nose shows pronounced of ripe stone and tropical fruit. The palate matches the nose, full of juicy fruit with excellent texture and strucutre.

Sciule Frappato

A wonderful demonstration of the savoury character of Sicily's own red grape Frappato. Fresh cherries wrap around a savoury gamey, meaty core with notes of leather leading into a spicy finish.


Tali Rosso

Excellent bbq wine. A blend of Syrah and Frappato this medium bodied wine is juicy and easy drinking with just a hint of frappato's savoury character.