B a r b a n e r a &

D u c a d i S a r a g n a n o


Classic Tuscan Family Quality Dating to 1938

Barbanera, located at the foot of Mount Cetona in southern Tuscany, was created by the Barbanera family in 1938. Over the yearsit has grown exponentially and today it exports around the world classic regional wines of Tuscany, as well as those from Pugliaincluding Nero di Troia and Sicily.

The Barbanera portfolio consists of two main wine labels: Barbanera and Duca di Saragnano.



An extremely unique white wine made from the famous Italian red grape: Sangiovese. Grapes were harvested then very quickly pressed for their juice to ensure that no color or tannin is extracted from the skins - resulting in a white wine made from red grapes (blanc de noir) ! This interesting wine style offers up perfect balance between its round and rich texture and the bright stone fruit and citrus flavors on the palate.



The Governo style is made with a portion of dried grapes that add richness and flavor to the wine. This results in an extremely smooth and full bodied style of red wine with intense flavours of ripe blackberry and cassis, and classic italian complexity. Because of its ripe and fruity character, Governo pairs very well with rich and spicy dishes where other red wines cannot - spicy beef tartar, marinated pork & beef.


Classic super tuscan styled blend of Cabernet and Merlot at an approachable price point. Rich, ripe and velvety on the palate, expect stewed red and black berries overlaid by sweet baking spice.

Nero Di Troia

Nero di Troia (aka Uva di Troia) is a wonderful but lesser known grape native to Puglia in the south of Italy. With a long history in the region, many believe it was first brought to Italy following the battle of Troy. Barbanera's expression offers up intense flavours of ripe dark berries, tobacco, and earthy spices. An excellent pairing to go with a wide range of Italian dishes, especially anything tomato based.

Aglianico Primitivo

This wine represents a rare blend between two famous southern Italian grapes. The Primitivo provides body and rich fruity flavors while the Aglianico provides structure and complexity. The wine is full bodied and very spicy with notes of cherries, blackberry and black pepper. An excellent pairing with barbecue beef and other red meat.


As the most grown international varietal in the area, Syrah fits well into Sicily's terroir. This particular cuvee from barbanera is full bodied and rich, with lots of ripe dark berries and a disctinct spicy finish.