C a p a r r a - e - S i c i l i a n i

Calabria – Italy

With winemaking experience spanning back to the 19th century Caparra e Siciliani was formed from the two namesake families in 1962. Located along the coast of Calabria Caparra e Siciliani makes delicious classic examples of Gaglioppo working in the appellations of Ciro & Ciro classico.

Traditions since the 19th century

Caparra and Siciliani are two Calabrian families with ancient agrarian traditions that go back to the 19th century. In 1963, the two families joined forces, creating the winery and promoting indigenous grapes of Ciro. The winery, located in
Ciro Marina, operates exclusively in the “Cirò” and “Cirò Classico” area, covering approximately 213 hectares. Fabrizio Ciufoli, one of the greatest Italian oenologists, is the chief winemaker. Interestingly, the Ciro Vintage Superiore now features the historic first label of the winery

Curiale Bianco

Made from a blend of greco bianco - another indiginous italian grape - and Chardonnay. The resulting white is a delightfully fresh and bright

Le Formelle Rosato

This gaglioppo based Rose makes a fruity yet dry wine, somewhere between new and old world in style. Tart on the palate with red berries and a salty minerality.


A bold and expressive red made from Gaglioppo in Calabria's classic DOC: Ciro. This lesser known grape produces a wine with big ripe cherry flavours, backed up by hints of liquorice and savory cigar box. Pairs best with grilled red meats and tomato based pasta.