C a n t i n e C e c i

Emilia Romagna – Italy

Emilia Romagna – Italy
Located in Emilia Romagna, Cantine Ceci has been producing one of the most classic wines of the region for nearly a century: Lambrusco. Still a family run business to this day, Ceci is now an international name synonymous with benchmark examples of the beloved sparkling red wine.

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Cantine Ceci was born from Otello Ceci’s passion for food and wine. He worked tavern keeper in the so-called “Bassa Parmense” area and would serve his guests his own homemade wine with their food. It was not until 1938 that Cantine Ceci was born, and through the years it has become a name synonymous with high-quality Lambrusco. Today the grandchildren of Otello Alessandro, Maria Paola, Chiara, Elisa and Maria Teresa continue this tradition, making award-winning wines in beautiful packages.

Ceci_Guissepe Verdi Antico Bruscone

Guissepe Verdi Antico Bruscone

This lambrusco is a very approachable entry into the world of sparkling red wines. Extremely versatile for pairings, you can enjoy this lambrusco with everything from meat and fish to fresh vegg ies . With a delicate mousse and beautiful flavours of wild berries and a slightly off dry finish, this style of lambrusco can contend even wtih spicy dishes.

Otello Ceci 1813

This best selling Lambrusco from Cantina Ceci offers more depth and richness than most other Lambrusco at its price point. Full of ripe blackberries, violets and currant, with just a bit of residual sugar to make it even more quaffable.